Welcome and thank you for visiting aaron downing photography.com. I have created this web site as a showcase for everyone to view samples of my work and learn what Aaron Downing Photography is all about. I hope you enjoy your stay. -Aaron-
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January 2007 - February 2007 updates

01/23/07 - Updated "contact" web page with current contact information.

01/21/07 - Updated "index" (home) web page with an image taken from the abandon Albuquerque train warehouse in 2004. Rumor has is that the City of Albuquerque, is currently working on plans to renovate the abandon train warehouse into a new convention center for the city. In the meantime, besides housing the homeless, the train warehouse has been used as a movie studio. In early 2006, the Broken Lizard film Beerfest was shot at this location in downtown Albuquerque.

01/14/07 - Updated "photo of the month".

01/14/07 - aaron downing photography.com is launched! Currently it's not much but I plan to have this web site complete by the end of January 2007. Please check back often for web site updates.

01/12/07 - After a three year partnership (2004-2006) between photographers Aaron Downing and Dora Lujan, ACC Photography is dissolved. Due to many factors but mostly time and schedule, Dora chose to leave ACC Photography. Being the sole photographer and wanting a fresh start and a new name, Aaron decided to rename ACC Photography to Aaron Downing Photography.